All the Cons!

4 conventions in ONE month! I really don’t think much about conventions when I first sign up for them. My first instinct is to sign up for as many as I can find. It’s only until days before an event, I start to realize the gravity of what needs to be done to be ready for one. In this case I felt it a lot. 4 cons in one month, 3 of them back to back. This was the busiest month of my art career so far ( a good problem to have). On top of the conventions, I needed to also focus on commissions, my shop and website. But it was all worth it. From the places I traveled to, to the people I met, makes it all worth it! I met so many awesome people, that I wanted personally thank everyone who has supported me, and continues to do so. I always get excited when a convention comes up, because I know I’m always going to have a story, and meet awesome people.

IMG_4122 2.JPG