Abstract Kirby Blocks. I wanted to do paintings of my favorite Nintendo character, but I wanted to incorporate what he’s also known for: A cute face and many colors. Taking that idea, I have a blast throwing paint around, making 90’s patterns or a space background. In the end, each Kirby is one of a kind.

A collection of paintings that encompasses the great Nintendo characters and the fun worlds they live in, living on them.

Continuing the trend of the Kirby Blocks, I wanted Pikachu to join in on the fun. But instead of focusing most of my attention to the background, I wanted to pay close attention to the many great faces the little yellow pika shows.

Not everything I do is always cute. I like to change up styles and character references here and there. A game that I and many others have grown up with, can always remember at least one thing about this game. The finish moves! I wanted to do a series of MK paintings, but I wanted it represent what the game was also most known for. I think my fatality heads is an appropriate commemoration to one of the most iconic fighting games.

A series of works inspired by school doodling. A practice the I think most can relate to. I decided to take the basic idea of bored school scribbles and apply them to something that does not bore me. I like to stick to a monochromatic scale. Using a basic ball point pen, I am able to get many different tones with one pen.

My favorite anime! Once I started my ball point pen series, I knew I had to do the bebop crew. I love this series of work because it showcases that it doens’t matter what you use but how you use it.

Fading out or melting out, but not forgotten! Ice Cream that was apart of every 90’s kids diet. Painting them just like how everyone remembers, to feed peoples nostalgia.

Gotta Paint them all! Pokemon was a big part of my childhood. When it came to do fanart of Pokemon, I could’t chose which character to do, so I decided to do all the original 151. A very long but super rewarding process. I hope to have all shown showcased here soon.